Female Personal Trainer Chelmsford MA

Zone Fitness is a top-rated gym with the best female personal trainer in Chelmsford, MA. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve dramatic body transformations with our personalized fitness training and diet plans.

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Ashling Perham owns Zone Fitness in Chelmsford and possesses over eight years of experience in fitness coaching. Ashley has been an active figure skater for most of her life and has always been passionate about fitness. She brings on a unique approach to physical training using figure skating techniques and strength and cardio endurance training methods.

We also have an exceptionally talented spin instructor, Jean Silk. Jean has over 15 years of experience in teaching spin, yoga, and pilates. She is a highly sought-after professional for exercise classes in Chelmsford.

Benefits of virtual personal training

Virtual exercise classes have helped numerous people stay fit during the pandemic. Some of the benefits of virtual personal training are:

  1. Saves time – Nobody likes commuting to the gym after a long day of work. With virtual training, you can save a ton of time over a week.
  2. No-judgement zone – Most people feel embarrassed when they try a new exercise because of the fear of embarrassing themselves in front of others. With virtual personal training, you do not have to worry about looking silly or feel nervous about others watching you.
  3. Look after the children – If you have young children, going to the gym may be a hassle. Virtual personal training can save on the cost of childcare and even include your kids in your workouts for fun family fitness bonding sessions.

While working out at a fitness center is great, you must take all measures to stay healthy and fit during the pandemic. We offer the best virtual personal training sessions at affordable prices with flexible workout schedules.

Can I burn calories without exercise?

While everybody wants an easy way out, the truth is that you need to follow an integrated approach to burn calories and achieve weight loss. Several fad diets can help you lose a couple of months in the initial months. However, these results may not last long if you do not maintain it with exercise, a healthy diet, and specific lifestyle modifications.

If you cannot hit the gym or can’t find the time for exercise, speak to a personal trainer to assist you with your weight loss. NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis refers to the calories you burn each day from engaging in everyday activities like cooking, walking, shopping, etc. There are ways you can improve your physical activity through NEAT and some dietary changes. A personal trainer may assess your overall health status, diet limitations, food preferences, lifestyle, etc., and recommend the most viable weight loss regime to help you get in shape fast. Speak to a personal trainer at a fitness studio before trying out random things that you read on the internet to avoid health complications.

Call us at 978-221-2212 to learn more about our virtual personal training sessions. Ashling Perham is a highly sought-after female personal trainer in Chelmsford, MA, with over eight years of experience in fitness coaching. Zone Fitness offers 1:1 fitness sessions at budget-friendly prices. Contact us now to begin your fitness journey.