Client Stories

Recently, a 1 year memory appeared on my social media. It was the height of being an essential worker during COVID, three months after a major life event for me, and 1 month after the death of the woman who raised me. The memory was a photo of the scale. It read 118lbs. I had lost 25 pounds in 3 months and felt healthier, stronger and better than ever, even with all of that going on. I went to a few different trainers before Zone and felt that it was unrealistic. Ashling and I were able to click and had similar goals. Ashling helped me learn what to eat (when I don’t cook at all) and how to stay on track. She taught me what exercises can target different muscles groups. It was the most learning I did all year. I worked with Ashling from February of 2020-September 2020. I am confident to work out and kept up with my routine since then. I am grateful that she was there, understanding and motivating. Thanks Ashling!

– Katie Robinson

I’m a long time client of Zone Fitness. I truly enjoy spending time there. The workouts are motivating and challenging. The personal training and small group training are first rate. Zone Fitness also offers a variety of classes that are really budget-friendly. Ashling is an amazing trainer and a true professional that really cares about and supports her clients and their personal goals. Zone Fitness is a great gym for both men and women looking to get fit, build strength, and have fun.

– Glynn Gallagher

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