Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in 1:1 Personal Training?

All our 1:1 Personal Training includes customized workouts, cardio protocols, nutrition guidance, and access to our Studio Membership.  All in-studio sessions take place in a private suite with you, your trainer and equipment for your personal use.

Do you offer virtual 1:1 Personal Training Sessions?

Yes, we currently offer both in-studio as well as virtual Personal Training sessions. On a case-by-case basis, we also offer in-home 1:1 Personal Training.

How long are the 1:1 Personal Training Sessions?

All of our 1:1 Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes long.

How much is 1:1 Personal Training?

We offer monthly plans as well as packages. Prices start at $62 per session depending on plan and commitment.

What is Studio Membership?

Studio Membership includes open gym time and access to the Peloton equipment. 

Open gym is a time we give all our clients to be able to come in and do additional workouts in our group training room.  We have several different binders with workouts for you to choose from.  A maximum of 2 people can schedule open gym at any time.  You can view the open gym schedule and sign up on our Mindbody site.

What if Open Gym or the Peloton is waitlisted?

If  Open Gym or the Peloton is waitlisted, please join the waitlist. As clients cancel, you will be automatically added to the Open Gym or Peloton and will be notified by email. If you cannot make the Open Gym or Peloton time, please log into Mindbody and cancel.

How do I get access to the Peloton cardio equipment?

As a personal training studio, we found it best to “trick” clients into cardio with Peloton. We have both the tread and spin bike here at Zone Fitness.

We offer free Peloton access to all 1:1 personal training and studio membership clients.  All Peloton bookings are scheduled on Mindbody.

Do you offer any special pricing?

We offer an introduction to personal training. You receive 3 sessions to be used within 10 days for $179. We also offer an introduction to our Studio Membership, which is 2 weeks for $30.

We run special promotions on both personal training and studio membership throughout the year and encourage you to join our email list to see those promotions.

How do you track progress in clients?

We offer all our 1:1 Personal Training clients a fitness assessment every 3-4 months. Each month we review any monthly goals and set a path for each client.

Fitness assessments are available to studio membership clients for a fee.

How do I sign up?

All 1:1 Personal Training sessions are booked directly with your trainer.  Studio Membership sessions are booked through Mindbody.

Do you have lockers or showers?

We do not have lockers but do offer space where you may store your belongings while in the studio. We have restrooms where you can freshen up but do not have showers.

What is your cancellation / no-show policy?

We do ask that clients give us 12 hours prior to the time of your 1:1 Personal Training session. We understand that from time to time things come up and you need to cancel without the 12 hours of notice. On a case-by-case basis, we will give you the opportunity to make that session up within the week of cancelation.

Studio Membership cancelations must be made on Mindbody. There is a $10 fee if you fail to attend a Studio Membership booking that you have signed up for.

When will I start to see results?

As with any exercise program, results will vary for each person. Depending on your fitness level and goals, we recommend working out at least three times per week and incorporating a combination of cardio and strength.

Do you offer gift cards?

YES! To purchase you can contact us at [email protected] and we will take care of the rest for you.

COVID Protocols

All equipment and suites are sanitized between clients. If it is your preference to wear a mask, please do what makes you most comfortable. All the Zone Fitness staff are fully vaccinated!