Functional Training Chelmsford MA

Zone Fitness is a pioneer fitness center for functional training in Chelmsford, MA. We offer highly effective workouts that strengthen your body, improve balance and coordination, and protect you from injuries.

How We Use Functional Training In Exercise?

Functional training involves the use of large groups of muscles in your body. Also, the workouts resemble movements you do in daily life, such as picking up a heavy object, swinging a baseball bat, carrying groceries, etc. Besides, functional training can improve flexibility and stamina and reduce injury in real-world situations.

We incorporate functional training workouts into our clients’ workout regimes to target and engage all the muscle groups in their bodies. Some of the training workouts we use in our exercise regime include:

  • Push-ups
  • Walking lunges
  • Jump squats
  • Jumping, lunging, or stepping onto an elevated surface
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Lateral bounds (running from side to side)
  • Jumping jacks

We are one of the few exercise classes in Chelmsford with customized workout strategies and highly qualified trainers. Our ability to incorporate functional training exercises in everyday workouts helps our clients achieve their fitness goals within a short window and maintain the results in the long term.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Functional Training

We are a leading Chelmsford fitness studio featuring group fitness, small group, and personal training. We also offer virtual training sessions to help those with busy schedules get fit from the comfort of their home or workplace.

Our personal trainer works with clients on a 1:1 basis, addresses their individual needs, and guides them towards their fitness goals one day at a time. Taking the time to know each client personally allows us to create a fitness regime that best fits their interests, preferences, flexibility, stamina, and goals. Once our clients achieve their desired results, we make real-time adjustments to their workout regime, helping them stay on track in the long term. We also have an experienced yoga specialist to help you improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

What Are The Benefits Of Functional Training?

Functional training describes exercises that allow you to engage in everyday activities with improved flexibility and stamina. These exercises use multiple muscles and emphasize your core strength and stability. These fitness programs are quickly becoming the favorite workout routines for most gym goers and fitness enthusiasts for their ability to benefit anyone regardless of age, fitness level, or exercise experience. Some of the benefits of practicing functional training programs include:

  1. Improved Movement Patterns

Functional training refers to exercises based on specific movement patterns. It includes exercises like the hinge, squat, lunge, pushes, pulls, rotation, etc., improving your overall flexibility and helping you participate in everyday activities without risking injuries.

  1. Improved Movement Efficiency And Physique

Functional strength training methods help improve performance in athletes, allowing them to function more efficiently in competition. As it engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, you can develop a leaner and more athletic-looking body with functional training.

  1. Improved Coordination and Mobility

Functional training exercises reduce the risk of injury and improve overall coordination and mobility. Functional training practitioners vouch that their workouts have helped them achieve an improved range of motion and enhanced coordination between the deep core and lower-body muscles.

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