Zone Fitness offers the best strength training in Chelmsford, MA, with an experienced, skilled, and dedicated team of trainers. Our exercise classes help clients overcome their issues with flexibility, weight loss, bodybuilding, etc., and achieve their dream body. Here are some of the top functional training workouts our fitness center to improve strength, stamina, and sculpt your body:

  1. Bodyweight Squat

All clients in our fitness studio practice the bodyweight squat at least twice a week. The exercise can help build your butt and strengthen your leg muscles.

How To Do A Bodyweight Squat

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat slowly until your thighs are horizontal. Raise the hands in front of your chest or face as you go down. After 2-3 seconds, come back up to the standing position.

  1. 90s Transition

It is a simple workout that improves your leg, ankle, and hip mobility. It also warms up the oblique abdominals. It is minimally fatiguing and can work as an excellent warm-up routine. Our personal trainer recommends this exercise to those with improper hip rotation mobility.

How To Do A 90s Transition

Sit on your butt and bend your legs in front of you. Place the heels on the floor and the toes facing the air. Place your hands on the floor behind the torso, rotate your hips and feet to the right, and then the other way. When you turn to the right side, both your feet should lie against the floor as your lower body twists to the right and vice versa.

  1. Prisoner Get-Up

It is a simple lower-body mobility exercise that helps you to get on the floor and back up using only your lower body. It works the quadriceps, glutes, and spinal erectors.

How To Do A Prisoner Get-Up

Keep your hands behind your head and keep the feet shoulder-width apart. Kneel on your left knee first and then on the right knee. Now that you kneel on both legs, get off your left knee first, then the right knee, and come back up. It is pivotal that you keep your torso erect throughout this exercise.

  1. Jump Squat

Jump squats strengthen the quadriceps and glutes. As the workout has you jumping explosively, it helps build power and engages the nervous system without much muscular fatigue. This workout is ideal for days when you are looking for a less-fatiguing squat variant.

How To Do A Jump Squat

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and place the hands at your sides. Squat down until your thighs are at least horizontal, and bring your arms in front of your chest. Jump upward and straight up, swinging your arms down for extra power.

  1. Jump Lunge

Jump lunges offer similar benefits as jump squats but also work the gluteus medius and the sides of your thighs. Our yoga specialist highly recommends this workout as it can improve your balance significantly.

How To Do A Jump Lunge

Go into a right lunge by setting your right foot forward and left foot back with your knee on the ground. Lift your right arm in front of your chest and your left arm back. Jump pushing off your right heel and the ball of the left foot and land in a left lunge position. As you perform the left lunge, swing your right arm in front and the left arm to your back.

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