Customized Programs

At Zone Fitness we like to work together with you to create a plan that will result in optimal success.

As we reach your goals, we will set new ones and create a plan on how to get there. Our training programs also allow for those off days where moving your body in a different way will be what’s best for you! Each month we have a monthly studio challenge, and during our training sessions we set small monthly fitness and/or nutrition goals. By checking in with our clients each session this helps to keep our clients on track and always moving in the right direction. Fitness assessments are a big part of how we measure successes. Our fitness assessments are done every 6-8 weeks depending on the training plan the trainer and client have.

Trainer working with client at Zone Fitness Chelmsford

interested in 1:1 sessions. We offer private coaching.

If you want professional guidance, effective workouts, accountability, and/or lots of motivation, a Certified Personal Trainer at Zone Fitness may be exactly what you’re looking for to help you achieve your fitness goals.